Hormone Consultations

Hormones are responsible for many functions in the body and have a large impact on mood regulation, weight fluctuation, skin appearance, heart health, bone health, and many other factors that affect daily life. The balance of hormones can be disrupted by many factors including stress, and other medical conditions.

Tunkhannock Compounding Center specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). BHRT is a safe and customized way to replenish and rebalance your hormones. Each hormone replacement regimen that we compound is patient-specific and can contain any combination of hormones at strengths tailored to your individual needs. BHRT is available in different forms such as lozenges, creams, suppositories, and capsules.

Our pharmacists have unique experience and training in BHRT. If you are interested in learning more about how hormone replacement therapy can improve your quality of life, schedule a consultation with one of our qualified pharmacists today. Consultations are currently conducted via phone.

Other Consultations

Tunkhannock Compounding Center pharmacists offer confidential consultations on a wide variety of topics, including low dose naltrexone therapy(LDN), thyroid therapy, pain management, adrenal therapy, and many others.

What to Expect from a Consultation

Consultations are tailored to the patient’s needs. We work with healthcare providers to develop personalized treatment plans. After a patient fills out the initial contact form a pharmacist from TCC will reach out to set a time for a consultation. Before the consultation, the patient will then receive a detailed intake form to complete and send back for pharmacist review. Depending on the consult topic several different laboratory tests will be helpful in aiding the recommendation. After the initial consultation (generally lasting 1 hour) recommendations will be sent to the patient’s provider for approval.

Follow ups will also be conducted with the patient and scheduling will depend on the therapy. Follow up phone calls can last from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Patients continuing therapy will also have a yearly follow up.

Customized Consultation

Includes a phone or zoom call to discuss symptoms, review labs, and develop a recommended treatment plan.

30 minutes
60 minutes

If you would like an in-depth personal consultation please contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our pharmacists.